Piadina Romagnola, the pride of Italy’s culinary tradition can be bought easily at online shops. Restaurant owners, pub owners, pub owners, campers, tourist village owners, etc all can have PGI approved Piadina Romagnola only from online stores. They carefully select only the finest Piadina Romagnola local manufacturers to satisfy the requirements of each client. Typical Emilia Romagna style Piadina can be bought both in the retail and wholesale. They provide new guaranteed quality Piadina to people who want it.

Piadina Romagnola is Italian flatbread initially from the Emilia Romagna area and generally made out of white flour, water, salt, and lard. It is the Pride of Italy today as it is offered in restaurants and pubs or meals trucks and nicely cherished by people around the world. Piadina Romagnola achieved the PGI endorsement only in 2014 though it had been filed in 2011. It’s known that the hold-up was a result of disagreement among the producers shielded by the PGI. The handcraft producers didn’t agree to associate with the industrial manufacturers located within the PGI area.

After a long dispute, the piadina romagnola successfully attained the PGI protection and the bread acquired numerous favorable reviews. In 2014 the Piadina formally entered the writings of Italian culinary excellence which proves the authentic quality of the bread. The PGI certifies that meals made under their popular label ought to be well prepared with the very best ingredients possible. The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) suggests that the basic ingredients for Piadina Romagnola ought to be wheat germ, salt, olive oil, lards, fats, and water.

The fillings are extremely crucial for Piadina and it is contingent upon the likings and want of each individual. Many frequent fillings are sausages with onion, cooked ham, salami, mortadella, stracchino cheese, rocket or some other type of cheese. Most vegetarians love the filling to be different kinds of vegetables sautéed together. Piadina Romagnola has rightfully earned peoples confidence and PGI approval as well for its distinctive flavor and excellent high quality.